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Jamie Dornan: I’m no Hugh Grant

Jamie Dornan has joked that his English accent might be so bad it'll have to be dubbed in his new TV show.

The Northern Irish actor stars in a British historical drama called New Worlds, and is mainly confident about the voice he adopted for it. However, recently concerns have started creeping in about how well he managed the accent.

"I've lived in London for over 11 years, so I've been around that accent a lot. Although, maybe when the show comes out it'll be so bad they'll have dubbed Hugh Grant over the top," he laughed to British magazine Elle.

Jamie has previously admitted worrying about his talent, but his star is now on the up after he won the lead role of Christian Grey in the adaptation of saucy novel Fifty Shades of Grey. He dislikes talking about his view of himself, but admits things are going well at the moment.

"There's no way of me answering that without sounding like a d**k! Look, I wouldn't waste my time doing something if I didn't think I had the capability. I've always wanted to act, but a lot of things need to be aligned; you need to get a little luck and you need that platform to prove you can act," he explained.

As he's become more famous the star has won a lot of female fans. While the interest in him is pleasant at times, Jamie takes everything with a pinch of salt.

"I don't know a lot about that. I'm not very active on Twitter and I don't read stuff when people mention me - I don't think it's very healthy. You'll scroll down loads of good comments until you see something negative, and that's the only one you'll take on board," he said.

Despite his fame, Jamie tries to keep things as normal as possible. He doesn't take things too seriously and relaxes by spending time with friends or playing and watching sport.

"Watching Ireland play rugby. I got very angry because we lost - I was heartbroken," he replied, when asked about the last time he was angry. "I get bad road rage as well; a lot of swearing!"

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