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Jamie Foxx: Daughter deals with onscreen violence

Jamie Foxx's daughter isn't fazed by seeing her dad shoot violent and bloody movie scenes.

The Hollywood big hitter has starred in his fair share of action films, and often takes along four-year-old Annalise when shooting.

Despite her young years, Annalise takes the fake bloodshed in her stride.

"She was also on the set of Django Unchained watching people get blown away and going, ‘Oooh, look at all the blood, daddy!’ It doesn’t screw her up when she watches it," Jamie laughed to New York Daily News.

Jamie's latest cinema outing is as the baddie in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He plays Electro / Max Dillon, opposite Andrew Garfield's portrayal of the webbed wonder.

While the 46-year-old star, who is also father to 20-year-old Corinne, enjoyed playing the villain, his youngest offspring didn't initially have much faith in his criminal abilities.

"My daughter asks me, 'What are you going to do in Spider-Man?' I told her and she says, 'Spider-Man's going to kick your butt!'

"But that right there, for me, is everything I need. Because now my daughter can come to the set and she's dressed in her Spider-Man costume while I got my Electro costume on, and that's just great," he mused.

By the time filming wrapped and the film was ready for the big screen, Jamie had eventually won his youngest fan over.

"On the red carpet, I asked my daughter, 'What team are you on,’ and she said, 'Team Electro,' so that was nice," he smiled.

She even showed her solidarity for her A-list dad by wearing a full face of blue make-up for the New York premiere of the movie last month.

Perched on her dad's hip, cute Annalise quickly stole the show by flashing peace signs and smiles to the waiting press.

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