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Jamie Foxx: Things are crazy at home

Jamie Foxx’s mother doesn’t look after him when he’s sick.

The 46-year-old star shares his home with several family members, including his sisters, biological mother Louise Annette Talley Dixon and his stepfather George. His mom and stepdad aren’t together anymore, so living together throws up some tricky situations.

“What’s crazy is my biological mother and my stepfather been divorced for 20 years and they live in the same house,” he laughed to US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. “Which is crazy because it’s like I’m the parent. Y’know, he’s still dating, he’s trying to get it crackin’. So she’ll go on his side of the house just to see who’s in there. So the girl will be in there and she’ll go in the refrigerator…”

Louise’s favourite thing is to scream at George that he has spoiled food in his fridge when he’s trying to get amorous. George doesn’t take too kindly to that though, which is when Jamie has to step in and order them to their separate sides of the house.

Although he lives with his mom, Jamie doesn’t get spoilt. He appeared on the show even though he had flu and joked Louise hadn’t been looking after him.

“Not at all. Cos she’s still clubbing too. She’s like, ‘Oh uh-uh, I gotta go out tonight keep that somewhere else,’” he giggled.

The illness itself was no laughing matter though, with the singer-and-actor feeling horrific. To make matters worse, he has no idea where he got it from.

“Unless you trying to lose some weight, I don’t wanna give you this. Bro, I lost like half of me in four days. Y’all trying to cut down before Thanksgiving? Let me kiss you,” he said.

“I have no idea because I party so much. I was partying, and I thought it was some extracurricular things that I had done… I don’t think it was that. Then I was at another party, I was in DC and I was dancing and it was crazy. I felt like this girl was a little sweaty but I was like, ‘OK, maybe she just… whatever.’ And then all of a sudden, something’s going on. I don’t know, I just hate it.”

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