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Jamie Lee Curtis: Recreating Psycho felt right

Jamie Lee Curtis has finally recreated her mother’s famous Psycho shower scene after years of avoiding it.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Jamie Lee Curtis felt the time was finally right to recreate her mother’s famous Psycho shower scene.

The 56-year-old star is the daughter of late actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Her mother featured in the iconic shower scene in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock movie and after many years of refusing to pay homage to her, Jamie has finally recreated the black and white image.

“My entire life I have refused to step into the shower because it belongs to my mother,” she told Variety. “I have attempted to step out of the shadow of my parents for a long time.”

However when Brad Falchuk, a writer on her new show Scream Queens, presented her with the idea, Jamie felt the time was finally right to mimic her mother, who passed away in 2004. Some Like It Hot actor Tony died in 2010.

“It felt like they’re both gone, and enough time has passed,” she said. “This role has appeared in my life. It’s unexpected and delightful.”

Scream Queens is the brain child of Glee creator Ryan Murphy. The 49-year-old implored Jamie to take the role when she initially refused, and he was fully committed to her re-enacting the shower scene.

“[He said] if we’re going to go for it, let’s go for it. Let’s be accurate as we can. And we did,” she smiled.

While the scene doesn’t appear until much later in the show’s 15-episode series, Jamie has already gave fans a glimpse of it on Twitter.

“As soon as Ryan saw that picture,” she said, “he said put it out. So I did.”

Scream Queens premieres on Fox on September 22.

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