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Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queens is a dream role

Jamie Lee Curtis is glad Ryan Murphy wouldn’t take no for an answer when she originally turned down her role in Scream Queens.

The 56-year-old was approached by Ryan Murphy to star in the upcoming horror-comedy anthology series. While she loved the concept and the script, the fact it was being filmed in New Orleans was a no-go for her.

“The easiest no I ever said,” she recalled to Variety. “My son is still in high school, and I am the matriarch of my family. … So I literally said the word ‘bummer.’ I’m 56, and I said the word ‘bummer.’ I walked away from this.”

Thankfully Glee-creator Ryan wouldn’t take no for an answer and came up with a filming schedule which meant Jamie could film her scenes in bulk and not be away from her family home for long periods of time. The compromise worked, she joined the series and has never looked back, calling it a role of a lifetime.

“I am not a trained person. I cannot do accents. You’re not going to hire me to play Marie Antoinette. I cannot sing. I can dance a little. I don’t do impressions. I’m not the Lea Michele level of talent,” she explained. “[But] I can tell a joke. I’m brave, I’m strong, I’m opinionated. I scare easily. I fight back. If you took every job I’ve ever done and boil it down, it’s going to boil down to be Scream Queens.”

The series features an all-star cast including Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande and Lea Michele. All her younger co-stars look up to the A Fish Called Wanda actress but Jamie scoffs at the idea of being a role model.

“My friends call me ‘Mama,’ ” she added. “I have that nature, and I like it. I don’t believe people get told enough how great they are, so I’m very supportive. I’ve been on TV series before, I’ve seen what happens to people. I want to be the voice of reason: This is the best f**king job you will ever have. You will never have more fun. You will never make more money. This is as good as it gets in our industry.”

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