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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Jamie Theakston: I miss live TV

Jamie Theakston has confessed he misses doing live TV

Jamie Theakston has confessed appearing on This Morning has made him realise how much he misses live TV.

The TV presenter and Radio DJ is hosting a new documentary show, Forbidden History, and has also been doing a guest stint on ITV's This Morning.

Jamie revealed: "It's certainly reminded me of when I was doing [Saturday morning kids show] Live And Kicking - a live, magazine format - and reminded me how much I missed it. I loved it, it took me back to when and why I started doing TV.

"It was like being lent someone's toy and playing with it a bit, but then you have to give it back and say 'That was great fun thank you!'. And it was, great fun."

In new show Forbidden History, Jamie travelled the world, trying to find the truth behind various historical legends.

He said: "It's about uncovering mysteries and finding out why some questions remain unanswered.

"I guess one of my favourite ones was the Bloodline of Christ.

"That was something I never knew much about before we started filming, but I was fascinated to meet people who talk of a bloodline from Jesus and Mary [Magdalene] - that they were in fact married and possibly had children. It's quite an intriguing story, and there are several high-ranking families who believe they are related to Jesus, which is quite a cool thing to say!"

:: Forbidden History, new and exclusive to Yesterday, is on Fridays at 9pm from September 27.

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