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Jane Fonda's dog dilemma

Jane Fonda has come to accept the ageing process, even though there are things about the future which concern her.

The 77-year-old star doesn't obsess about ageing but as the years wear on it's hard for her not to think about it. She finds questions about the rest of her life pop into her head at the most unlikely moments, such as when she's thinking about her pet.

"I’m keenly aware that there’s not that much time left. Just today, my dog, Tulea, turned ten and I thought, what if I outlive her? Would I get another dog? Or is it too close to the end? Could I housebreak a dog at 85? Could I bend over enough?" she told

All of this means Jane has realised how precious life is. She's determined not to waste any of the time she has left, although she doesn't have a bucket list. That's because she's already realised many of her dreams, and some which she used to consider don't hold the same level of excitement as they used to.

One thing which does still get her juices flowing is acting. Jane's new Netflix show called Grace and Frankie sees her starring alongside Lily Tomlin and is about two women whose husbands decide they want to be together. It was great fun to make, and Jane is proud to be starring in a show centred around a woman of advancing years.

"I love working on a show about older women coping with modern-day problems, like trying to find a job (or an identity) when your husband leaves you for a man, or managing an overly entitled adult child - women who came of age in the 60s and sometimes smoke a little pot when they need to just chill," she explained.

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