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Jane Lynch: I feared being ostracised

Jane Lynch knew she was different long before she realised she was a lesbian.

The Glee actress realised she was a lesbian when she was a young girl. But the 53-year-old felt she had to keep it a secret so she wasn’t shunned by her peers.

“For me, to be ostracised would have been the worst thing," Jane revealed in new web series It Got Better . "To be thought of as different and not accepted was a fate worse than death."

Jane was 14 when she learned the term ‘gay’. But she still struggled to come to terms with her feelings.

“It was almost like I had a disease I had been diagnosed. I had a journal and … I remember I wrote, 'I am gay. No one can ever know this.' And I went four blocks away and threw it out in somebody else's garbage," she added. "It led to a life of secrecy that I had to unravel."

Over the years Jane, who plays sports coach Sue Sylvester in the hit Fox show, has been able to accept her sexuality. The actress, who has been nominated for Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Awards during her career, hopes her experience can help today’s young people deal with their own feelings and accept themselves for who they are.

“You are going to find something in you that is going to help you move on and make you a more extraordinary person," she said. "And you'll use that all through your life."

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