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Janice Dickinson: I antagonised Tyra

Janice Dickinson has attempted to make amends with Tyra Banks.

The women’s feud has lasted since their days on America’s Next Top Model – they originally fell out in 2010 following a disagreement regarding a trailer for the show which featured a model with an extremely tiny waist.

Taking steps to put water under the bridge with Tyra, Janice, 59, has admitted that she was in the wrong.

“I just want to take this time to apologise to Tyra, and say I’m terribly sorry for any of the antagonistic things I’ve said about her in the past,” the former judge explains to US Weekly.

“It was just because I was hurt from being fired from the show.”

Tyra has been a judge on America’s Next Top Model for all 21 cycles, while Janice was involved for the first four. She was known for speaking her mind and after she was let go insisted she was right to be honest with the girls who she felt wouldn’t make it in the industry.

Now, the model and photographer is set to turn over a new leaf and marry her fourth husband Dr Robert ‘Rocky’ Gerner, who she got engaged to in 2012.

“I want to go to the marriage with Rocky with a clean slate and not having any regrets or resentments. I think I’ve said some pretty nasty things, which I humbly want to say I’m terribly sorry,” confessed Janice.

It seems patching things up with Tyra isn’t the only thing on Janice’s to-do-list before she walks down the aisle. The star recently appeared on E!’s Botched in which Janice had her 30-year-old breast implants redone.

“I really wanted to be in Spartan shape in time for my impending wedding,” she explained.

Speaking of tying the knot, Janice has also shown her support for same sex marriage in America.

“[I’m] hoping that gay marriage is equalised in every state of the Union. It’s not fair that I can go off and get married, but certain gay couples are still waiting in their states. It’s terribly unfair,” she said.

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