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January: It was awful saying goodbye to Betty

January Jones says she felt like someone was dying when it came to filming her final scenes as Betty Draper on Mad Men.

The 37-year-old actress has starred as Betty Draper in the hit US TV show since it began back in 2007.

And as the programme prepares to bow out with its last-ever episode on Sunday night, January has opened up about how much she struggled with saying goodbye to her on-screen alter ego.

"It was awful. It was really sad," January told of the last day of filming. “They scheduled it so that on the last day, everyone had their last scene of the episode, and it was like every moment of the day was somebody's last something, and it was just so sad."

"I think I had one of the last scenes of the day and [was] just asking for more takes because I knew it was like the last time that I would ever speak for Betty.

"It was like someone was dying. I was like, 'Let me just do one more,' because I knew I would never be her again."

January and her fellow castmates stayed after shooting came to an end to mark the end of an era.

And while emotions were running high, the stunning blonde star admits that they also had a little fun.

“It was the core group and we were all mutually sad and nostalgic, but happy and proud, and we had a big party and we toilet papered [show creator] Matt Weiner's Tesla,” she laughed. “We destroyed it."

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