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January Jones: I should have planned

January Jones believes behaving positively is enough to get someone through life.

The actress starred in a series of films before landing her part as Betty Draper in hit show Mad Men. Things have turned out very positively for the star, but she sometimes wonders if she should have had more structure to her life.

"I tell myself I should have a strategy for life but I don't," she smiled to the British edition of OK! magazine. "I believe in Karma and good fortune, though. If you live life in a positive, constructive manner, good things will come your way."

Mad Men is finishing this year, so January can now concentrate on new projects and her three-year-old son Xander. She's learnt a lot over her time in the industry but it was the birth of her child that had the biggest impact.

"I've become a better person and becoming a mother has opened up a whole new world to me," she beamed. "I feel I've become a better friend, too. When you do a TV show for so long you live in a bubble, so I've learned to value real relationships. I've been blessed, I have no complaints really."

January has never revealed the identity of Xander's father and admits that being a single mother can pose a challenge. However, she assured that she manages and she's happy to make sacrifices for her son's wellbeing.

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