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January Jones 'madly loved Groban'

January Jones was "madly in love" with Josh Groban, claims the singer.

The Mad Men actress dated Josh for around two-and-a-half years from 2003. Josh has never felt the same way about another woman, revealing January was equally as smitten.

"We were madly in love," he told Details magazine. "It was definitely my longest relationship."

The American singer-songwriter was also quizzed on rumours he romanced another stunning star, Katy Perry.

Although Josh was initially reluctant to discuss his dalliance with Katy, he admitted there was a brief spark between them but insisted he didn't "really" date her.

"We're very good friends. We met before her first album was even released, and we hit it off because we're both goofballs," he explained. "I'm not commenting on that [dating rumours]. We might have skated on the line of dating."

The 31-year-old classical pop star went on to reveal he is a "real romantic" and is hoping to find the right woman to have a "serious relationship" with soon.

Although he has enjoyed huge success during his career with his love songs, Josh would never dream of seducing a woman with his music.

"I was on a date once, and the girl came over and was looking for music to play," he recalled. "We were having a glass of wine, and she played rough mixes of my new record and started dancing to it. I was like, 'Don't do that. Groupie alert, groupie alert!' I can't get turned on by my own music."

Josh famously took to his Twitter account to slam Lindsay Lohan for her stint on US TV show Saturday Night Live last year. He has no regrets about his harsh comments, insisting he didn't approve of her hosting skills.

"Was that b***hy? I just felt like, 'What is that person doing?' It just didn't seem she had any comedic ability. I was jealous that she got to host SNL, which I love with a passion. And I was drunk," he added.

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