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January Jones: My son’s a little daredevil

January Jones passed her love of dangerous animals and adrenaline packed adventures on to her four-year-old son Xander.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Mad Men star January Jones has banned her son Xander from swimming with sharks until he is 10.

The 37-year-old actress has always been a fan of dangerous animals and adrenaline packed adventures.

But she says that when it comes to her four-year-old son, she has initiated age limits for some pursuits.

“We read a lot of books about sharks and dinosaurs,” January told People. “He wants to go swimming with sharks with me, but I’ve told him he has to wait until he’s 10.

“It’s a fair age, I think. But he can go on tagging trips on the boat maybe.”

Sharks aren’t the only deadly creature Xander likes learning about. He also has a passion for dinosaurs, and believes the prehistoric creatures could be returning from extinction in the future.

“He knows all the names of every dinosaur, and he wants to be a real dinosaur scientist when he grows up,” January said.

“Not a paleontologist, but a scientist for real dinosaurs. So, he’s dreaming big!”

The actress spoke about her son’s career prospects as she attended the Oceana‘s A Concert for Our Oceans event in Beverly Hills on Monday night (28Sep15) alongside stars including Kristen Bell and Amanda Seyfried.

The organisation campaigns to protect and restore the world’s oceans.

January is a fan of ventures involving the open water, but finds her fears can get in the way with one particular pursuit.

“I’m not a daredevil. I like jet skiing,” she said. “I don’t love to scuba dive. I just get a little claustrophobic. When I do trips with Oceana, I usually free dive and hold my breath.

“[I can’t hold my breath] for too long. It would be like a minute, tops.”

January has been able to spend more quality time with her son since the hit AMC show came to an end earlier this year (15) after seven seasons.

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