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January Jones recalls nightmare job

January Jones has recalled her worst pre-acting job, which she simply quit without notice one day.

The American actress is known to audiences around the world as her Mad Men alter ego Betty but now the award-winning show has come to an end, she's taking on more movie roles.

She managed to land acting parts quite early on in her career but does remember a terrible job pre-fame.

"I didn't have a lot of jobs before acting but I had a couple of c**ppy ones in high school. I had one at a pizza restaurant, where I had to roll out the dough for the bread sticks and clean up the salad bar. And one day I just didn't show up, and I remember the manager called me like a hundred times, trying to get my suspenders back. I don't know if I ever gave them back; rainbow suspenders. Yeah, that was bad," January recalled to Collider.

Her latest role is in Andrew Niccol's thriller Good Kill, opposite Ethan Hawke. It tells the story of a family man who starts to question the ethics of his drone pilot job.

Director Andrew did a lot of the character study himself, and even had two drone pilots come in to talk to the cast. But January also conducted her own research.

"For me, [Andrew] had just a lot of printed-out information on post-traumatic stress disorder, and then I just went online and found... I kind of eavesdropped on some chat rooms and stuff.

"The option of actually meeting someone, I think it's a very personal thing when someone's dealing with that, and I didn't want to have to ask to meet someone, I just felt like it sort was an invasion of privacy and sort of silly on my part for an actress... I don't know, I just didn't go that way," she mused.

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