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January Jones: We need a parenting test

January Jones is an awesome mother, but says people don't realize how much kids will change their lives.

The 37-year-old actress has son Xander, three, although she's never revealed the identity of his father.

Her Mad Men alter ego Betty Francis is also a mother, but the character was ill-suited to family life.

"There's a lot of us who probably shouldn't be mothers. I'm not including myself because I'm awesome, but there should be license to have a kid, I think," January mused to British magazine Grazia. "Back then [the 60s], people were having them when they were children themselves. It changes your life in every way, and I don't know that Betty was selfless enough to be a mum. She's competitive and emotionally immature, but she gets better. She tries, and I think that's good."

After eight successful years Mad Men is finally drawing to a close. The show, set in a 60s advertising firm in New York, made household names of stars such as Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss.

The seventh season is currently on air, finishing for good in May.

"This is the longest relationship I've had, so it was really emotional. I kept messing up my takes so that I could keep saying my lines for her. It felt like someone was dying," January admitted.

Jon, who plays Betty's ex husband Don Draper, echoes the sentiments.

"There's no version of this ending that is not super painful for me. These people have been the single constant in my creative life for the last decade. So that's kind of tough. And, yeah, I will be happy when the shows air and I won't have to fake like I don't know how it ends or make up some ridiculous story about robots or zombies or something. But I will never be able to have this again, and that's a drag," he sighed.

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