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Jared Leto: I would outwit zombies

Jared Leto could survive a zombie apocalypse with just his “mind and a machete”.

The actor-and-musician entertained fans with a webchat on his Twitter page today.

Whereas most questions revolved around his band 30 Seconds to Mars’ upcoming album, there were also some more unusual queries.

One follower asked which weapons Jared would use in a zombie apocalypse, to which he answered: “My mind. And a machete. :) (sic).”

The star is someone many look up to, prompting one fan to ask how he achieved his success.

“I don't f**k around ;) (sic),” the 41-year-old simply wrote.

When quizzed if he had any of his own heroes, Jared was just as blunt.

“I have no idols and worship no man (sic),” he explained.

In spring last year it was revealed Jared’s band was back in the studio recording a fourth album, following a temporary hiatus since 2009 offering This Is War.

Many fans were keen to find out more about the upcoming LP but the dark-haired heartthrob remained fairly tight-lipped.

When probed about the album’s release date, Jared tweeted “Very sooooon!” adding a simple “YES! (sic)” when asked if a single would be available in the near future.

It seems the band’s latest musical offering is taking up most of their time.

Jared revealed the last thing he bought was “A music video :)”, adding the thing he was doing right now was “Mixing a song for the album (sic).”

However, he did satisfy fans by assuring them he had picked out an album title, as well as giving them an insight into what the new disc would be like.

According to the singer, it will be nothing like This Is War or earlier offerings.

“Move forward or die! (sic),” he explained.

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