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Jasmine Lennard opens up about Cristian MJC

Jasmine Lennard thought Cristian MJC would be boring before she entered the Big Brother house.

The model-and-socialite entered the famous compound for 48 hours earlier this week as part of the series’ Hotel from Hell task. The 29-year-old instantly made a beeline for the handsome housemate but insists it wasn’t planned before going in.

“It's definitely not something I thought about, and obviously when I walked in there my opinion of him was from what I'd watched from the outside, which was that he's a pretty boy that had no personality and nothing to say for himself and that he might have been boring,” she explained to Digital Spy after leaving the house. “And that was not the boy that I met. I definitely didn't have a plan to go in there and do that. I didn't even think I'd be able to conversate with him. But it's an energy, isn't it? The moment that I walked in there and locked eyes with him, it was on!"

Jasmine and Cristian wasted no time in getting romantic, sharing a steamy snog in the bedroom after she earlier straddled him in just her bikini. The beauty had previously told the 20-year-old that it would be dangerous if they spent too much time together in the house, and Jasmine thinks it’s a good thing that she only had 48 hours in there otherwise even more could have happened.

“I could never have imagined kissing someone on camera, ever. And I have done that! So I would like to think that no, under no circumstances would I ever do that, but if I had arrived in that house with him and I was there 11 weeks later, I'm not sure that I could definitely say that I wouldn't,” she confessed. “You just need to stand in front of him and look at him in the flesh, in the eyes. He's very hard to resist."

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