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Jason Biggs: Moore is amazing

Jason Biggs has joked that he and his Grassroots co-star Joel David Moore have become "lovers" of sorts.

The pair star together in the comedy drama that centres on an unemployed journalist who helps his goofy friend run for a seat on the Seattle City Council.

Jason really appreciated the camaraderie that he and Joel developed while filming.

"Oh yeah, we are lovers," he laughed to Cover Media at the Grassroots red carpet premiere in London Friday.

"Joel is amazing and I think it was actually a real integral part of the whole process. Joel and I had a chemistry that you can't fabricate. You know, you can act your way throughout there, but you just cannot make up chemistry. We totally hit it off."

Jason portrays the jobless reporter Phil Campbell in the feature.

The star grew fond of his character, even though Phil isn't the most positive person in the world.

"[How do I sum up my character [Phil] in three words? Oh my God…Well, reluctant, cynical and then … oh, I just counted my words 'and then', that preposition is one word too many," Jason smiled.

Jason hopes that Grassroots will be a big hit.

He wants audiences to purchase the movie in advance.

"Buy our DVD, then buy another copy and then order an iTunes," he joked.

Grassroots will hit theatres in Ireland and the UK November 9.

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