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Jason Derulo: I wasn’t arrogant to airline

Jason Derulo thinks the words c**ky and Southwest Airlines in the same sentence is “an oxymoron”.

The 25-year-old singer was got into a tussle with security staff at Reno –Tahoe International Airport on Saturday. Several media reports of the incident described the star as “c**ky” and “arrogant”, and Jason is not happy at the portrayal.

“If that’s not the humblest sh*t in the world to fly Southwest, I don’t know what is,” he raged to the New York Daily News. “It’s a bulls**t a** airline. How you going to call me arrogant and I’m flying Southwest in the same sentence? It’s an oxymoron. ”

According to the Talk Dirty singer, problems arose when the airline refused to provide him with an escort who could guide him through security. Jason believes it to be customary for celebrities so they can travel through a terminal with minimal fuss.

“An escort allows you got move smoothly and not cause any ruckus,” he explained. “We were trying to explain to the desk agent the situation and he was just not having it. There were some words back and forth.”

After a confrontation between one of his personnel and airline staff, the party boarded the plane ahead of Jason’s performance at the Pandora Summer Crush event. But the whole group were soon hauled back off the aircraft by airport security.

“If you felt the need to take somebody off the plane you should have taken that one person off,” he added. “You kicked my whole group off that had nothing to do with the situation. And you caused me to almost miss a show that I would have had to pay a quarter of a million dollars for.”

Southwest Airlines said in a statement that Jason’s group had refused to follow boarding procedures.

Jason chartered a private jet to make sure he made it to the event in time, and is now considering his options for future travel.

“I’ll tell you what, I’m going to buy a jet so I don’t have all these problems,” he said.

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