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Jason Derulo: I'm bored of breakup questions

Jason Derulo found it exciting to watch Stevie Wonder at work in the studio

The 25-year-old singer split from fellow music star Jordin Sparks last year after three years of dating. Their going separate ways still garners just as much attention now as it did when it was fresh, which makes it hard for Jason to dodge the subject.

"I understand why people ask but it's a bit weird," he told British newspaper Metro. "The strange part is it's like a prolonged break-up. Instead of it being over and moving on, it keeps on going and going. That's the strange part."

Known for his raunchy and romantic lyrics, Jason revealed the first track he ever penned was about a girl he had a crush on at school. He hoped the song would make her like him but because he was just eight years old at the time, he "chickened out" when it came to singing it to her.

The musician is currently busy preparing for the release of his upcoming album, Everything Is 4. He has a host of big collaborators on the record including Meghan Trainor, Keith Urban and soul legend Stevie Wonder, who Jason was most thrilled about working with.

"That was really exciting. I said, 'I've got this song with a harmonica on it, will you do it?'" Jason recalled. "He said, 'Of course.' I got to watch him work in the studio."

Asked what he thinks makes a number one album Jason explained that he believes making people "feel something", whether it be laughing or crying, is the most important factor.

He isn't just focusing on his own sound though; he has his own record label in partnership with RCA and he hopes his first artist Alyxx Dione will be become a big hit.

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