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Jason Dohring: Fans are special

Jason Dohring finds fans' dedication to Veronica Mars "unbelievable".

The 31-year-old actor plays Veronica's love interest Logan Echolls in the hit TV series, which is set to appear on the big screen thanks to a kickstarter campaign. Fans raised $2 million in less than ten hours after creator Rob Thomas launched the cause last year, eventually totalling $5,702,153.

Still trying to get his head around the support, Jason is thrilled to reunite with main star Kristen Bell and other cast members for the film.

"I was in the back yard doing some work on my house. I had the texts rolling in, because, you know, we'd heard for years 'we're going to reschedule but we're going to do this!' We were each doing our own projects, and we didn't really know how it would happen, or if it would happen," he recalled to

"When the news came out, it was pretty remarkable and I just couldn't believe it. I was just kind of in shock. The fact that it was done by the fans shows the support that usually isn't present. It was just unbelievable, and I remember Kristen calling me that night saying 'Can you believe this?!' Then later my dad was sending me the write ups from Times Magazine. I think it was that time we started to go 'this is really something special.'"

As a way of thanking those who backed the campaign fans were invited to appear in the movie. Jason was blown away by how big of an event it was for the show's loyal followers and recalled some memorable moments on set.

"Well, you would have fans standing in high heels for the party scenes for like 16 hours and they'd be like, 'thank you so much for letting me be here!' and we would be there like, 'you're in high heels, are you speaking sense?!'" he laughed.

"One of the fans, for his engagement to his wife, had brought her and him out to be on the set of the movie, and we had people flying in from [as far as] Tokyo. On set I think, with the fans who were extras, we had the most active background that's ever been seen in film!"

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