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Jason Flemyng: Drinking with Depp left me injured

Jason Flemyng has shared how he got a scar on his back after getting drunk with Johnny Depp.

The British actor starred alongside the Hollywood heavyweight in 2001's From Hell, in which Johnny plays Inspector Frederick Abberline, who investigated the Jack the Ripper murders.

Things were pretty gruesome off set too, as Jason suffered a serious injury from an evening sipping alcohol with his co-star.

"Yes. One on my back from From Hell," Jason told Empire magazine when asked if he has any scars. "I spent a couple of hours in Johnny Depp's trailer and got so inebriated that I fell through a glass table when I got back to my hotel room. I decided just to go straight to sleep and woke up and it was like the horse's head scene from The Godfather. Not only have I got a scar, but I had to buy a new mattress for the hotel."

Jason was referring to the iconic scene in the 1972 flick, in which mafia boss Don Corleone (Marlon Brando) punishes John Marley's Jack Woltz by putting the head of a racehorse in his bed.

The star learnt a valuable lesson from that night; never to enter a room with glass tables after drinking alcohol with Johnny again.

Jason was also quizzed on when he was last naked outdoors, and it turns out the moment was extremely recent.

"This morning. Having a shower outside Jason Statham's beach house, where I'm staying, in Malibu," he said.

He appeared opposite the movie hardman in Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It was one of the 48-year-old’s first big movies and one particular line has become a hit with fans.

"'It's a deal, it's a steal' from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels has been said to me every day since 1998," he grinned.

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