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Jason Flemyng slams Will Smith flick

Jason Flemyng falls asleep while watching I, Robot.

The British actor is familiar with the big screen after starring in hits such as X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass.

Penning a list of films which get a reaction out of him, Jason shared his views on the 2004 action flick starring Will Smith as a detective determined to unearth a secret about artificial intelligence.

"That Will Smith movie, I, Robot. I just can't get through it. The first couple of times, I'd think, 'I'm just tired,' because it's right up my street," he sighed to Total Film when asked to pick a movie that he hates but everyone loves. "I love Will Smith and I love sci-fi movies. It was a big hit, and I'm like, 'It's just because I'm tired.' But no, it's not because I'm tired, it's rubbish. It's unwatchable. It sent me to sleep. Every single time I've tried to watch it I've fallen asleep, like I'm narcoleptic."

Not every flick makes him nod off though; he's drawn to tears by some. Ice Age 3 is one which got him weeping when he went to see it with his wife Elly, though he insists he was emotional due to a hangover.

With a busy lifestyle Jason is often flying around the globe, which provides him with the opportunity to soak in new stories.

"I watched Unbroken, Angelina Jolie's movie. I mean, it didn't serve it very well being on [a plane], but it was terrific," he gushed. "It's just such an incredible story: how much can you throw at a guy? The thing just went, 'Please take your seats...' just as the war ended, so I hope to God he got home, I'm presuming he did."

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