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Jason Isaacs: I have nightmares

Jason Isaacs often dreams that his "teeth are falling out."

The 48-year-old British actor, who is best known for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series, doesn't get the best sleep.

Jason admits that his nighttime reveries are often filled with terror.

"I don't have happy dreams, only nightmares, like all my teeth are falling out," Jason told People magazine. "I'm not an anxious person in life, so I think my anxiety manifests itself in my sleep."

Jason feels much more positive when he's conscious. The actor receives numerous gifts from Harry Potter fans and he appreciates the adoration.

"I have a fantastic group of women who know more about me than I do," Jason laughed. "They send me practical gifts, like new socks!"

Jason currently stars in fantasy crime TV drama Awake. The actor portrays a detective who begins living in parallel realities after he gets into a tragic car accident.

Jason doesn't believe the script is too mind-bending to follow.

"When we were doing the pilot, I played for the writer and director a video on my phone of my then five-year-old [daughter] Ruby explaining the story in three sentences," he shared. "I said they didn't need to worry about it being too hard to follow!"

Jason's new series Awake premiered in the US on March 1.

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