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Jason Segel eager to kiss Blunt

Jason Segel cast Emily Blunt in his new film because she was an actress he "wanted to make out with".

The pair star in The Five-Year Engagement - a romantic comedy that Jason also executive produced and co-wrote. They play an engaged couple who keep putting off their wedding day.

Jason says he penned the script for the British actress after they decided to work together.

"Yeah I wrote it for Emily," he told Australian radio's The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

"We're such good friends and I knew it would translate on screen. The thing about a romantic comedy is they [the audience] are rooting for the couple.

"I also just chose an actress I wanted to make out with. I've got the money to do it."

Jason, who is currently believed to be dating actress Michelle Williams, also addressed the awkward nude scenes in the movie.

He says some of the more graphic sequences were removed from the movie.

"Yeah, it got taken out," he confirmed.

"We shot a full frontal scene but they couldn't find a lens that captured it adequately so we had to reshoot it from the back."

The actor was not afraid to strip off for his film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He believes he is the first man brave enough to shoot a full frontal naked scene.

"I take credit for starting full frontal nudity. I started it with Forgetting Sarah Marshall," he insisted.

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