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Jason Segel: I looked like a girl

Jason Segel has recalled being told he was a "beautiful little girl" as a kid.

The comic actor has joked about his pretty looks as a child. Jason played nerdy character Nick Andopolis in short-lived TV show Freaks & Geeks. He's likened his younger self to his uncool character.

"You can't tell now because I look so manly, but when I was young I looked a little bit like a girl. I had hair down to my shoulders," she quipped in an interview with Shortlist Magazine.

"People kept telling me I was a beautiful little girl. I was picked on quite a bit. I was a weird little kid."

Freaks & Geeks was produced by Judd Apatow - who is famed for his collection of comedy films and use of the same actors.

Jason has revealed who he thinks the funniest member of Judd's "gang" is.

"I've never seen someone as naturally funny as Jonah Hill. It's unbelievable. The pop-culture awareness and how quick he is - it's unprecedented," he said.

"When you're around Jonah, it's remarkable. He's lapping me. Three years younger and running circles round me."

Jason admits to getting star-struck at times. The 32-year-old funnyman has recalled a particularly embarrassing moment with the American President.

"Yeah, I'm not good around celebrities. I met Barack Obama recently. He walked in and said, 'Hey. I love you, man.' And I said, 'Thanks. I love you too, Mr. President,'" he recalled.

"It got worse. He was like, 'I hear you're doing a screening of your movie in Georgetown' And I was like, 'Yeah, you should come. There'll be free snacks.' It was the most awkward exchange of all time."

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