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Jason Segel: Kid actors can be hard work

Jason Segel has joked about how difficult working with child stars can be.

The 34-year-old actor and Cameron Diaz are promoting their movie Sex Tape at the moment, which also stars youngsters Giselle Eisenberg and Sebastian Hedges Thomas. The adults were delighted with how well they got on with the kids, especially as sometimes working with children can be tough.

"Sometimes you get these 'showbiz kids'... that's the worst," Jason told the Kyle and Jackie O show on on Sydney's KiisFM106.5.

Cameron giggled: "They're like [singing], 'Da da da da da da!' You know what? You're fired, get out of here."

"It makes you want to castrate yourself," Jason deadpanned.

The actor explained that sometimes the problem is that child stars aren't that interested in making movies. He blames "stage parents" for force their little ones into a career which they are clearly "terrified" about.

Cameron has also had difficult experiences in the past, including with one youngster who made their feelings about being on set clear.

"They were such good kids [in this film]. You never know, you might get one who just wants to [stop]. I worked with a kid on a set before who literally quit five times, said, 'I quit,' and walked off," she laughed.

Jason was also quizzed on his new slim line figure, admitting Cameron inspired him to get fit because she is so healthy.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Kyle asked the actress some questions she seemingly wasn't too keen on answering. Jackie likened Giselle to Cameron's good friend Drew Barrymore, who first hit screens as a little girl in 1982's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. While Cameron was thrilled with that, she didn't enjoy Kyle's quip about Drew's past history with substance abuse.

"I'm sure Kyle you've never been through a drug phase, have you? Or alcoholism or anything like that? You're pretty clean, always get it right?" she said.

Things went from bad to worse when Kyle raised Cameron's new boyfriend Benji Madden, as she prefers not to speak about her personal life. After the phone interview ended, Jackie took Kyle to task.

"That started very well and ended poorly I think. Good one Kyle. You ruined that interview, sorry to be blunt," she said

"You brought up Drew Barrymore, her best friend’s drug addiction in the past. And then you brought up Benji and we all know how protective Cameron is about her private life. So the two things that probably would get her off-side, you went there."

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