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Jason Segel: Nude pics are a choice

Jason Segel has jokingly advised his fans to keep their naked snaps private.

Hollywood was rocked by a scandal recently when compromising snaps of A-listers including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were leaked by a hacker who accessed their iCloud accounts.

Jason’s latest movie venture is Sex Tape, in which he and Cameron Diaz play a couple who are left mortified when an intimate video of them ends up online.

The star reasons that people have a choice of what they share on the web.

“Nobody is forced into taking nude pictures and uploading them on iCloud,” he said in an interview with German magazine Bravo.

“Just because you can, you don’t have to!”

He jokingly advised his fans: “Don’t put compromising pictures of yourselves online!”

In general, Jason takes a dim view of social media. He used to be active on Twitter, but decided it wasn’t for him.

“Social networks are one big lie!” he exclaimed.

“The theory is that it’s an easy way to stay in touch with family and friends. But, for whatever reason, everyone wants to contact complete strangers – and then believes they are friends. But they’re not!”

He added he retreated from Twitter when he realised he didn’t want to share his thoughts with “three million people”.

The latest star affected by the nude scandal is Emma Watson, with hackers threatening to leak naked snaps of her in the near future. It appears to be a direct response to a UN speech the actress held on gender equality last weekend. In it, she announced the He For She campaign, which encourages males to support feminism.

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