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Jason Segel proud of bad facial hair

Jason Segel says his "ridiculous" facial hair is a "passive-aggressive" stand against Hollywood.

The comedy actor appears in upcoming comedy The Five-Year Engagement, which also stars Emily Blunt, and documents the ups and downs of a couple's relationship.

Jason sports some questionable facial fuzz in the film and says he takes enjoyment from growing it.

"That's something that I do, that I have done in the past, which I call passive-aggressive facial hair. I've done it to make a point, when I was unemployed. It was kind of like, 'Really, Hollywood, you won't cast me? Well, watch this. I don't give a f**k either,'" he told Collider, when asked about his "ridiculous" facial hair.

"That's where it came from. I've done it in a relationship. It is a weird, passive-aggressive move I have that I'm trying to move past."

One scene sees Emily and Jason's on-screen characters fighting in bed. The pair admit that it was great fun to shoot.

"That's how people fight. We really didn't want anything perfectly worded. That's not how a fight goes down. We wanted things to be messy and feel real. My big pet peeve is perfectly-worded fights. That's just not how it happens. If you had that kind of composure, you wouldn't be fighting," Jason revealed, before Emily added: "Yeah, it should be messy and ugly. It was fun shooting that scene because I think we were really trying to make it real, like what really happens when you can't stop fighting. You make up, and then someone says something that just tips it over into that awful descent again.

"It just goes in peaks and troughs, all night. We actually shot that all night, and it was so much fun."

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