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Jason Segel's burrito blunder

Jason Segel deleted his Twitter account after sparking a debate about burritos.

The 34-year-old used to be signed up to the social networking site, but decided he was better off deleting his account. It all became clear when he entered into a foodie debate with his followers.

“I realised that’s not a power I want to wield,” he explained to Variety. “At one point, at 3am, I was deciding between eating a sandwich and a burrito, and I ate a sandwich. It was delicious, and I tweeted, 'Sandwiches are better than burritos.'

"And then there was a firestorm of debate. People hated me: You don’t know about burritos, they’d say. I decided that was too much responsibility for me."

Jason's latest movie is Sex Tape, which also stars Cameron Diaz. The comedy focuses on a couple who film themselves having sex and then accidentally share it online.

The actor recalled the first intimate recording he ever watched.

“I think it would have to go back to my teenage days,” he revealed. “Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee - that’s the original mother of them all.”

At the age of 41, Cameron is still in amazing shape and shows of her pert derriere in the risqué movie. It's a decision she wouldn't have made earlier on in her career.

“It’s not an objectification,” she argued.

“If I had done it another time, I was a young girl who was taking off my clothes in a movie, that never felt right to me. For me, this is about two people who are in a loving relationship, who are being playful with one another.”

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