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Jason Segel’s terrifying nightmares

Jason Segel still doesn’t like to see himself on the big screen.

The 35-year-old is best known for his comedic roles in films like Sex Tape and Forgetting Sarah Marshall as well as hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. But for someone so funny, Jason has had many dark dreams over the years which still send a chill down his spine.

“I had a recurring nightmare about witches eating my toes from ages eight to 14,” he confessed to The Hollywood Reporter. “I think it's because when you're a baby, adults stand over your crib and tell you they're going to eat your toes. This is very terrifying.”

While Jason hasn’t had the nightmare for quite a while, he has other issues that scare him as an adult. One of them involves seeing his own face stretched across the big screen in one of his films.

“It can be equated to when you hear your voice on a tape recorder, and you say, ‘That is not what I sound like,’” he said. “Unfortunately, that is what you sound like, and that is what I look like.”

Jason will next be seen in The End of the Tour alongside Jesse Eisenberg. While the star isn’t looking forward to seeing himself in action, he is thankful of the opportunity he had to work with The Social Network actor.

“I think I found a new lifelong friend — which is not always the case in movies because it's a very intense, compressed relationship where generally you have the best intentions to stay in touch, but you don't,” he added.

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