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Jason Statham rules out ballroom dancing

Jason Statham insists that he hasn't inherited his parents' love of ballroom dancing.

The action hero looks up to his parents Eileen and Barry who he believes are totally content with their lives. Although he doesn't necessarily find all their pursuits that exciting, he hopes to emulate their relationship as he gets older.

"I look at my mom and dad - they get up, they walk every day, they do ballroom dancing, and they’re as happy as two pigs in sh*t, as we say," he told Men's Health.

"[Will you see me dancing?] That’s not going to happen. I’m not putting on the tight trousers. I appreciate a lot of things, but it’s not my destiny to spin around."

Jason's parents have always supported him and his mother still worries about whether he is looking after himself well enough. However, the actor doesn't have the usual family heirlooms coming to him.

"My mom’s always impressed upon me [to eat] good food, healthy food, and to just stay healthy. When I was growing up, my dad didn’t have weights, so he made himself a weight bench. Instead of a hand-me-down jacket it was a hand-me-down weight bench," he laughed.

The 45-year-old star appears alongside Jennifer Lopez in his latest movie Parker, about a man who swears vengeance on the people who double cross him.

Jennifer has praised Jason's acting skills publicly, insisting he is the best leading man who is working at the moment. The actor has returned the compliment, explaining teaming with Jennifer didn't feel like work at all.

"In Hollywood, people get reputations, just rumours that are passed down. She couldn’t have been a nicer, more pleasant person to work with. She was just fantastic. She was just like a bubbly young girl. That’s what I remember about her - just a beam of light. I loved working with her," he said.

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