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Javier Bardem defeated by technology

Javier Bardem says sending an email is like "rocket science".

The 43-year-old Spanish star admits his skills are lacking when it comes to modern technology. Although Javier plays cyber-terrorist Raoul Silva in the new James Bond movie Skyfall, the star struggles when it comes to gadgets.

"One of the things about my character is his love of computers. They had to explain a lot of it to me because to write an email is like I am doing rocket science," he laughed to UK TV show Lorraine. "I am so not into it. Which I don't think is good, life goes very fast so you have to really get on with it."

Javier is happily married to actress Penélope Cruz and they have a young son called Leo together.

Although Javier rarely sends emails to his family and friends, he does enjoy sending and receiving handwritten letters. He believes this is the best way to tell people that you love them.

"I do, not as much as I used to, but I do," he replied when asked if he writes letters. "I think that is one of the things that means the most, to get a handwritten letter from people on a special occasion."

In Skyfall, dark-haired Javier is almost unrecognisable as he sports white blonde locks.

He has refused to reveal if he wore a wig for the role, but admits it was a difficult look to pull off.

"It comes with the job," he quipped when asked about going blonde to play a Bond villain. "It was based on this idea of being uncomfortable and you have to bring that also into the physicality of the character. And yes, it was a very uncomfortable look.

"I cannot say [if it was a wig], that is a secret for James Bond. I had to go home with it a lot."

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