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Jay Baruchel: I've lucked out

Jay Baruchel can't believe he's gone from having the "sh*ttiest" clothes to wearing suits.

The Canadian actor appears in the 2014 remake of RoboCop and voices the part of Hiccup in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. He calls the animated movies his version of Star Wars and couldn't believe his luck while promoting the sequel at the infamous Cannes Film Festival last month.

"I really lucked out," he marvelled to Total Film magazine. "I feel like I stumbled into my Star Wars. "You can spend your entire career and never be in something as impactful as How to Train Your Dragon.

"I grew up pretty poor. I know what it is for your clothes to be sh*ttier than any other kid's. And here I am in a f**king tux, like James Bond, it's beautiful."

Jay, 32, is known as being part of Hollywood's funnymen crew and is good friends with James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. He appeared alongside his pals in comedy This Is the End, and didn't think he'd ever be part of a film sophisticated enough to show at Cannes.

"Being in Cannes is equal parts incredible and daunting," he mused. "I can't overstate that it's a pinnacle; if you work in cinema, this is it, right? And truthfully, I never thought I would be here. There's a certain class of movies that play here and I didn't see myself ever being in one."

Jay might have felt sophisticated at the industry event, but he's still one of the boys at heart. He describes himself as a "pothead" and says he would try to find some weed if he knew he had less than a minute to live.

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