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Thursday 7 May 2015

Jedward: We are not gay

John and Edward Grimes, aka Jedward
John and Edward Grimes, aka Jedward

Irish Eurovision favourites Jedward have put an end to speculation they are gay, insisting they are attracted to women.

The pair -- who will represent Ireland at the Eurovision semi-finals tonight -- insisted they don't pay any attention to rumours about their sexuality.

However, the pair confirmed they "like lots of girls" after being snapped posing with their Slovakian counterparts, twins Daniela and Veronika.

"Some people ask us about that but we don't really care what people think. We like lots of girls," John explained.

"We have a lot of gay fans. We don't mind what people say. It's no big deal -- we are always just ourselves. We don't get annoyed with people. We don't care what people think," Edward added.

However, the twins admitted that their fame has made them more cautious when it comes to romance.

"We are so used to loving our fans, but there's always a barrier that you don't get past.

"If I met a girl I'd treat her like a fan, I need to get over that stage, you are really nice to them but you don't go above that limit. I see all girls as fans now," John said.

"We'd never go for the type of girl who would do a kiss and tell -- there's thousands of those," Edward explained.

"We like girls who are humble and sweet and cute, a girl who is actually really girly and who doesn't make us look more effeminate than them.

"It's like they would be your best friend and then maybe something else," Edward added.

The twins and their team will be spending six hours in hair and make-up ahead of tonight's semi-final performance, but the Lucan twins (19) refuse to let anyone else style their trademark quiffs for them.

Jedward are being supported by four backing singers, including Leanne Moore and newly engaged Morgan Deane, who will all be getting an extreme makeover.

"We'll be having a meeting about that because it's going to take us six hours before we even go to the arena on the night to get make-up and hair and everything done," she said.

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