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Jeff Goldblum: My son's name is whacky

Jeff Goldblum loves making jokes and talking to his son, Charlie Ocean.

The 62-year-old actor and his wife Emilie Livingston, 32, welcomed their little boy Charlie Ocean at the beginning of July. It may seem like an unusual moniker for the tot, but for naturally quirky Jeff it was the perfect choice.

"Charlie, middle name, Ocean. An audible gasp. It is [a little out there], it is... But too out there? I love the ocean," he mused to talk show host Conan O'Brien

"Oh, so you did name him after the ocean?" fellow guest Andy Richter asked. "I thought it might have been a coincidence."

"No... Or Ocean Spray, and then just Cranberry - delightful, delightful," Jeff joked. "HORRIBLE concoction, you take that cranberry sauce out of that can and slice it into slices, what a horrible, horrible dish. I'm sorry Ocean Spray people!"

It's the first child for Jeff and Emilie, who tied the knot last November. The Jurassic Park star shared a cute clip on the show of him playing with Charlie and the baby appears fascinated by his dad's nose, latching onto it with his mouth.

Jeff is a hands-on parent and can't get enough of his bundle of joy.

"Yeah! I think so..." he replied when asked if he's good with the baby. "Emilie, what a dear, dear wife I have, she's so wonderful. She's so good... I mean I've changed him a couple of times. I think I'm very good. He's just so good and sweet. I enjoy him. I love him to bits. I nuzzle him, I smell him, I kiss him, I talk to him, I make jokes with him, I sing to him."

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