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Jemima Kirke: I learn from Girls

Jemima Kirke finds it helpful to work with "seasoned actors" on the set of Girls.

The British-born American actress plays Jessa, the rebel who often gets in trouble, in Girls - the hit show about four twenty-something women navigating life in New York City.

Starring alongside Lena Dunham, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet has made learning her craft that much easier for Jemima.

"I am actually away a lot [in the story line]. I love it 'cause I'm new to this [acting career.] Of all the girls, I'm the newest to all of this acting stuff so they put me in with some seasoned, awesome actors and it's really helpful for me. It's a joy; it's an honour," Jemima old MTV News.

"I get to the play the baddest one! I think nothing Jessa does is surprising. I think her brand is unexpected. And so it's expected she's going to do the unexpected. So I think it's appropriate whatever she ends up doing."

Girls season three began last night in the United States, with 28-year-old Jemima making a welcome return after her character disappeared from the series mid-way through the last season.

It's revealed that Jessa has been to rehab, where she shakes things up for other patients.

But Jemima worries that her on-screen alter-ego isn't learning from her wild experiences, which have included a quickie wedding, divorce and near abortion over the past two seasons.

"On the surface, it looks like those are the things that happen in people's real lives, but it [typically] happens over the span of like 50 years. It doesn't happen within the span of three years, so what she does doesn't necessarily lead to a lot of personal growth. It's just her being impulsive and it looks like something more than what it is, which is that's just her brand of acting out.

"More reality checks [will take place], which, I think, she's the one who's due for the biggest ones of all the girls," Jemima divulged.

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