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Jen and Justin’s Oscar plans

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were “affectionate” at a pre-Oscar party on Friday.

The couple attended a pre-party hosted by top agency CAA, putting to bed recent rumours that the couple had split.

While neither Jennifer nor Justin actually attended the Academy Awards ceremony this year, they were still involved in the social aspect.

The couple "didn't dance" at the swanky party "but they stuck together and were holding hands," a source told E! News.

The A-list couple were apparently happily chatting with Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, John Mayer, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn and appeared very affectionate with one another.

On the night of the ceremony itself they reportedly told pals they had plans to "stay home and watch in their pyjamas."

Speculation surrounding the status of Justin and Jen’s relationship began after she spent her birthday alone in Los Angeles last month while he was hanging out with Orlando Bloom in New York.

Despite the breakup rumours, the couple appear to be closer than ever.

Jennifer has made it clear from previous comments she adores her fiancé and is very happy with him, but apparently the pair don’t want children.

In a recent interview with Gloria Steinem, the actress bemoaned the way women are considered strange if they aren’t “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen".

These comments were allegedly Jennifer’s way of explaining how she feels about the constant focus on her lack of offspring.

"This was her way of telling the world to back off. Kids simply aren't on her agenda," a source told British magazine Look.

"She's sending this message so everyone knows she's not the insecure, baby-crazed woman she's made out to be. She's had numerous long-term relationships where the opportunity was there, but for some reason or another it wasn't quite right,” a close pal added.

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