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Jen Aniston ‘sending message to the world’

Jennifer Aniston is said to be trying to prove she doesn't want to have children.

The 45-year-old actress is currently engaged to her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux.

She recently took part in a discussion with female author Gloria Steinem, slamming the idea that women should be "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen".

It is believed this outspoken behaviour is Jennifer's message to those commenting on her not having any kids.

"This was her way of telling the world to back off. Kids simply aren't on her agenda," a source told British magazine Look. "She's sending this message so everyone knows she's not the insecure, baby-crazed woman she's made out to be."

"She's had numerous long-term relationships where the opportunity was there, but for some reason or another it wasn't quite right. You have to genuinely want to be a parent - there's obviously a reason why Jen never took the plunge," a close pal added.

It isn't just Jennifer's lack of children which has recently been in the spotlight. She and Justin's relationship has also been the centre of rumours, with reports suggesting they are living separate lives.

However, the former Friends star is said to be content with how things are.

"One day, she and Justin will marry but no one can rush them. Raising a family is now out of the question... They are too busy with work and are a very independent couple," the source added.

"They won't make babies just because the world wants them to... She simply doesn't want a white picket fence in the suburbs. It's a sign that she's happy with her metropolitan life with Justin. Jen knows all eyes are on her. She hopes to be a role model for women who feel pressured to have children, but are perfectly happy without them."

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