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Jen-An and Gwyneth's slumber parties

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly been on hand to help Gwyneth Paltrow in the aftermath of her marriage split.

The Hollywood A-listers have been spending increasing amounts of time together since Gwyneth's marriage to British musician Chris Martin broke down last month.

Those close to the stars say that 45-year-old Jennifer has been a rock for Gwyneth, opening up her house for the Iron Man actress to use at her leisure.

"It was great for Gwyneth to escape when she and Chris needed time apart. And in the past few weeks, since returning from holiday, she has also spent nights at Jen's. It's nice for Jen to have the company too, as Justin [Theroux, her fiancé] is away in New York. After filming her movie Cake, Jen heads back and they sit on the veranda and drink wine," an insider revealed to British magazine Grazia.

"Jen has been helping Gwyneth stage-manage the split in her marriage. She suggested to Gwyneth that they go on holiday as a family before breaking the news."

It was while the family, including Chris and Gwyneth's two children Apple and Moses, holidayed in the Bahamas that they announced they were going through a "conscious uncoupling" via Gwyneth's lifestyle website Goop.

"Jen's known all about Gwyneth and Chris' marriage problems for a long time. And ever since they announced their split, she has been on the end of the phone round the clock offering support and guidance," the insider added. "She was also instrumental in helping Gwyneth while she and Chris were deciding whether to end things."

Another Hollywood big hitter who is also said to be on hand for 41-year-old Gwyneth during her marriage heartbreak is Cameron Diaz.

The pair have had close friendship for many years, with Cameron openly talking about Gwyneth's recent split. She's also reportedly planning a girly getaway to lift Gwyneth's spirits.

"They spoke about it at Drew's [Barrymore] baby shower. Cameron is currently rallying the troops. She wants Reese Witherspoon, Gucci Westman and maybe Jen, although she's filming a lot. She wants them to relax, have fun and make Gwyneth laugh. They're currently talking about the Italian Riviera," the source said.

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