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Jen-An's 'secret wedding date'

Jennifer Aniston is apparently taking huge steps to ensure her wedding date is kept a secret.

The 45-year-old actress is engaged to Justin Theroux, who popped the question in 2012. They are thought to be gearing up for their special day, with Jennifer adamant that it should be as private as possible.

"Jennifer and Justin really want it to be as private as it can be. At first, Jennifer wanted to pick two dates and not even tell Justin the real date until closer to the wedding, but he told her that was ridiculous and he was actually a little insulted," an insider told British magazine Heat.

"It's not that Jen doesn't trust them, but people are known to slip up and say something they shouldn't have. Or they tell someone in confidence and that person tells someone else in confidence and, before you know it, word gets out."

Jennifer is said to be so worried about the information leaking that she hasn't even told her best pal and Friends co-star Courteney Cox when the wedding will be. Her father John is also in the dark, which is apparently making him worry about his speech. Justin's family do know though, as they reportedly found the secrecy plan "absurd".

The couple will apparently send out two save the date cards, so guests won't know when the nuptials are being held. There will be parties on both days, with the venue also being closely guarded.

"It'll probably be late spring or early summer 2014 - so any time now - and they want their privacy so it could be at [their Beverly Hills] house. But Jen and Justin are booking two other places, so no one knows which is the real venue. They are laying out $60,000 in booking fees for 'just in case' places," the source claimed.

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