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Jenna Jameson’s ‘violent rage’

Jenna Jameson has been captured on video allegedly “popping pills” and “smashing surveillance cameras”.

The adult film star, who recently announced plans to return to porn following her 2008 retirement, is captured in footage obtained by Radar Online “popping pills” and “smashing surveillance cameras”.

The video, entitled “Someone was always watching Jenna Jameson”, was reportedly posted online by a user named Dave Delino, who comments on the star’s ongoing custody battle with former partner Tito Ortiz over their four-year-old twins.

“Jenna Jameson drinking,taking pills,and smashing cameras. All in front of her boys. These are some of the reason why Tito Ortiz has full custody of those boys,” the clip is captioned.

In footage dated March 13, 2013, Jenna appears to “pull an entire bottle of wine from the floor at her bedside and drinks straight from it, while her children are in the room”, Radar reports.

In a clip dated March 16, 2013, the XXX star “hobbles into her bedroom and drinks from the hidden bottle beside her bed” while the twins reportedly play on the computer.

Further footage dated November 8, 2013 appears to show Jenna “climbing up a ladder and smashing the interior surveillance camera in her living room with a hammer".

The 39-year-old appears to continue on the tirade, smashing several other cameras in her home.

Jenna was arrested for DUI in May 2013.

The recently spoke out about returning to porn in order to support her family.

“Well, my motivation is taking care of my family and having fun and meeting all my fans,” Jenna told TMZ.

Tito meanwhile has slammed the actress, insisting she’s an unfit mother. The MMA fighter has also pleaded with Jenna to get professional help.

“[She’s the] mother of my children and I pray and I wish she would get help for herself. I lived with her a long time,” Tito told FOX411 in October.

“The kids are full time with me. Does she get to see them? She hasn’t tried to see them in four and a half months. Now she’s ranting and raving that she would do anything to see the kids. She has to pass some tests before she sees them.”

Jenna has yet to comment publicly on the videos.

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