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Jennie Garth: Pregnancy is out of this world

Jennie Garth says being pregnant is a "crazy wild" experience.

The 42-year-old actress has three children with her ex-husband Peter Facinelli and would love to add to her brood. She found pregnancy a magical experience and believes that is why she has such a deep bond with her kids.

"I want to do it again, but I need a man for that, so yeah, that's not gonna happen," she told Us Weekly. "Just bringing a being into this world is crazy wild! It's like an exchange you can't compare to any other. It's like when E.T. connected with Elliot, you know, where they got sick when they were with each other and felt each other's feelings."

Jennie loved everything about bringing another life into the world, including the pregnancy and weight gain. She relished the chance to "get fat" but has made peace with the fact she's unlikely to have another baby.

For now, the blonde star is focusing on her career and has reunited with her Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Tori Spelling on TV show Mystery Girls. It's about two former detective TV show stars who come together to solve another mystery, although the show isn't the only reason Jennie is having so much fun.

"We're like girly girls. We'll give each other facials or gossip, anything. There's nothing off limits! We will stop a meeting, as executive producers we will stop a meeting dead in its tracks, to find out some good gossip!" she laughed. "It was like no time had passed and we were the same exact [people]. I was thinking about it the other day - we're older now but it was like no time had passed. We're sort of like those timeless friends."

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