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Jennifer Aniston creates her own great parts

Jennifer Aniston has a great deal of empathy for her "beautiful" Cake character.

The 45-year-old actress has landed her most serious role to date in upcoming drama Cake. She plays Claire Simmons, a woman who strikes up a relationship with a widower while battling fantastical hallucinations of his dead wife.

It's a refreshing change for Jennifer, who recently reprised her role of kinky dentist Dr. Julia Harris in comedy Horrible Bosses 2.

"I'm always trying to find the great small roles; the stronger sort of slice of life, complex. And I've been doing fart jokes for a long time, which I love immensely, but I think it does allow you to sort of take care of business and then you can also spend the time with these little labours of love which I've come to discover you sometimes have to create for yourself," she explained to Entertainment Tonight during its Hollywood Sessions.

The star was joined by other big names whose movie choices have garnered award attention, with Jessica Chastain, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Emily Blunt and Shailene Woodley also present.

Jennifer continued to explain why she was so drawn to the character Claire.

"I had a lot of empathy for her, well not Dr. Julia - she's just god awful and just a horn dog. But I felt extreme... She's extremely horny," she explained as the other actresses around her giggled. "But for Claire I just had a lot of empathy for her struggle and I think she is beautiful. And I think her problems and her choices and her journey is beautiful in the fact that we feel empathy for people going through pain."

Emily chimed in to support Jennifer's outlook, sharing her own attitude towards the industry.

"I think that's almost what it is sometimes," Emily added. "You sum up what acting is; it's maybe the ultimate expression of empathy. You have empathy for these people you play; I don't find it that personal in some ways. I actually find it's kind of out there and it's intimate but at the same time it's very empathetic, the job that you do."

Jessica Chastain agreed, explaining how her heart goes out to those darker characters seen as "monsters".

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