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Jennifer Aniston happy to ditch hair

Jennifer Aniston doesn't understand why people continue to "play the guessing game" with her personal life.

The Hollywood actress is famed for her portrayal of Rachel Green on hit TV series Friends.

Her character's bouncy layered hairstyle was widely imitated and is still popular today, but Jennifer insists she'd rather lose her tresses than sport the style forever.

"Shave my hair once, definitely. The Rachel for the rest of my life? Shave my head once!" she jokingly reiterated when quizzed on what she'd rather do.

Jennifer answered a string of tongue-in-cheek questions on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show.

When asked if she'd rather run into an ex or an ex's new partner she mused: "That's a tie. I don't care. I don't find that bothersome."

The stunning star was also asked if she'd rather host the Oscars once or have her own talk show every day.

"Host my own talk show every day! They [Chelsea Handler and Ellen DeGeneres] just have so much fun. It sounds like [former Oscar hosts] have to go into some sort of rehabilitation afterwards. It's torture, I know!" Jennifer deadpanned.

She then cheekily revealed she'd rather be caught "walking out of a sex shop" than a Scientology centre.

Jennifer is engaged to Justin Theroux, and there has been much speculation surrounding their upcoming wedding and whether they plan to start a family together.

The actress takes the constant questions surrounding a possible Friends reunion and her personal life with a pinch of salt.

"The Friends just shows that people would love to see a Friends reunion and the same with the engagement. [The question] does seem a bit exhausted and so does the speculation. It's all been pretty much exhausted. And I just think why not just wait till we actually get to have the fun of announcing something? Everyone wants to play the guessing game, and whether it be family, wedding, this, that the other thing. Urgh!" she exclaimed.

"Apparently there was a secret one this weekend, yep! I had helicopters dive-bombing the house today. It's fine, it's totally fine. There's nothing to announce!"

Jennifer is admired by people all over the world for her gorgeous body and natural good looks. But the 44-year-old star claims men never flirt with her.

“Fans will say things sweetly but it's all in jest, it's never someone hitting on you. Or at least I don't take it as serious," she laughed.

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