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Jennifer Aniston 'having couples' therapy'

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have reportedly turned to couples' therapy to sort out their domestic problems.

The pair have been dating for a year and recently moved into a rented five-bedroom place together. Sources say the Hollywood stars have been disagreeing a lot and Jennifer is hoping that their problems are just down to her struggling with her lack of personal space in their previous two-bed apartment.

"It's a little odd to blame their rows on houses, but they were arguing like crazy in the smaller place," a source told Closer magazine. "Jen is a bit of a neat freak and likes her space. She wasn't used to living with someone full time - especially somewhere so confined."

Jennifer is eager to see how the relationship fares in the rented property before properly committing.

"Jen's house won't be ready for a few months, but she doesn't want Justin moving in if it's not working - she wants to see if things are better between them in a rented house first. Jen loves Justin but worries that the first flush of excitement may have gone, so she arranged for some low-key counselling sessions," the insider added.

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