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Jennifer Aniston recalls date disaster

Jennifer Aniston has recalled a disastrous date that involved a white dress and a "squirting" maraschino cherry.

The stunning star is currently in a relationship with actor Justin Theroux. However, Jennifer says her love life wasn't always so smooth sailing. The Hollywood actress has recalled a particularly embarrassing date which ended badly.

"I have tripped and fallen many times. I had a maraschino cherry squirt all over me when I was dressed in white once," she recalled. "My date went for the whole bite. I laughed and I never saw him again."

Jennifer is renowned for her sense of humour and comic acting roles. The star has revealed that she has particular quirks off screen too.

"If I walk onto an airplane I have to walk on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane," she smiled.

Jennifer also spoke about previous jobs. The star appreciated her life pre-Hollywood even if it didn't have all the glamour of her lifestyle nowadays.

"No, because I loved every job," she told the UK edition of OK! magazine when asked if she would consider her previous job low points in her life.

"I was a receptionist at an advertising agency, that was pretty boring though. There were a lot of receptionist jobs and I was a bike messenger in LA, that probably would be my best low point, it was a bummer because I moved to LA and I didn't know anyone."

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