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Jennifer Aniston 'ruins sculpture'

Jennifer Aniston accidentally knocked the head off a giant lion statue at Jason Bateman's home.

The Hollywood actress has been good friends with the actor since they shot their movie Horrible Bosses together.

She recently went round to his house for a visit, but wasn't looking closely enough at where she was driving.

"She accidentally ploughed her Range Rover into a hand-carved stone lion decorating the driveway of her good pal," reports National Enquirer.

The lion was part of a fountain which had been custom made for Jason and his wife Amanda Anka. Her father, musician Paul Anka, had organised for the item to be carved as a surprise for the couple.

Jennifer was reportedly horrified following the accident and couldn't stop expressing her apologies.

She repeatedly told Jason and Amanda she wanted to pay to have the piece repaired or replaced, creating such a fuss the pair eventually agreed to accept $1,000 from her.

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