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Jennifer Aniston wants a gap year

Jennifer Aniston has gushed about how perfect her fiancé Justin Theroux is for her.

The 45-year-old actress has been engaged to Justin Theroux for two years and despite rumours of a rocky romance, she insists things are blissful between them. Finding love has made Jennifer think carefully about what she wants out of life, which will mean a change in her working dynamic over the coming months.

"Justin's a really good man and I feel very comfortable and happy [with him]. Things feel easier in my life now and I'm anxious to do more travelling and not work as much," she told British magazine Hello!

The couple met while they were shooting the movie Wanderlust together. It is about a couple who decide to mix things up when unemployment hits, even toying with the idea of living on a commune. The shoot will always remain dear to Jennifer's heart - even though it saw her baring her breasts.

"It was one of the best times I've ever had on set. We spent three months by a lake in Georgia, next to a nudist colony, and we absolutely loved it. It lent itself beautifully to the story, too, because we were in the kind of place that none of us had ever experienced before and it brought us together," she explained.

"It took a bit of nerve [to go topless]. The adrenaline takes you through it, though. I got comfortable seeing nude people pretty much immediately. Knowing these were actual nudists made us feel very comfortable."

The actress claims the new decisions she's making about her life are a sign of her age. She feels completely happy with how things have turned out for her; something which is vastly different to how she felt years ago.

"I'm very happy with my life. It doesn't happen in a flash - it's a slow process of gaining wisdom, then reaching a point where you realise you've figured things out," she explained. "Everything becomes easier and you look at life through the lens of greater self-awareness and knowing how to enjoy everything more. Life becomes less of a struggle."

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