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Jennifer Aniston 'waxes with beau'

Jennifer Aniston reportedly enjoys waxing sessions with her boyfriend.

The Hollywood actress has been dating Justin Theroux for around a year. Since Justin also appears on the big screen, both stars are eager to always look their best. They have apparently started booking joint appointments at a beauty salon.

"[They have] his-and-hers waxing treatments from a team of experts every three weeks. Justin gets his chest and back done, as well as his eyebrows," a source told UK magazine Heat.

Jennifer and Justin are aware that hair re-growth can be a problem during treatments. So to ensure their skin is always smooth and silky, the loved-up couple are on the lookout for any stray hairs.

"In between sessions, they keep an eye on each other's hair-prone areas and fix any strays with tweezers," the source added.

It has been suggested that Jennifer wants to maintain her flawless appearance as she is planning to marry Justin later this year.

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